The History Of CattleBoyZ | The Making Of A Legendary BBQ Sauce Company

CattleBoyZ started over 18 years ago in Calgary Alberta Canada.  It was originally founded by Joe Ternes who had a history in agriculture and cattle.  With that lifestyle growing up there was a lot of family BBQ events.  This led to a real interest in outdoor cooking with sauces and seasonings.

The beginning of the company started with what was a family recipe for Beef Ribs.  The original recipe was much too vinegary as it was meant to break down the beef ribs.  Over time and with a lot of testing the formula was changed into a product that was extremely versatile for all kinds of foods.  At that point it was still somewhat of a hobby but we were supplying some smaller retail stores.

The push that made Joe more serious about getting the product to a retail ready product was a national oil company in Calgary held an annual BBQ at one of the parks during the Calgary Stampede.  They invited customers from all over the world to this event and used our sauce as take away gifts for their guests.  After the first event Joe had individuals tracking him down from all over the United States asking for a case of the sauce.  It was at that point Joe decided to get more serious with the product.

Unique packaging was found, labels were developed along with all the registrations like bar codes etc as the first steps to making it shelf ready for retail.  The sauce at that point was still made as a stove top small batch product using grocery or retail ingredients which kept the cost of production very high.  A production house was found and the recipe was reformulated using commercial ingredients and scale up runs were done.  Care was taken at this point to develop the product so it was Gluten Free and utilized the healthiest ingredients possible.  CattleBoyZ takes pride in the fact that they are among the healthiest sauce products out there.

At that point CattleBoyZ was ready to go after some larger retailers.  More and more small retail locations were carrying the product, then we had a chance with Costco.  That was the big break for CattleBoyZ and after that milestone many of the other retailers followed suit.  CattleBoyZ is now a nationally listed product in all major grocery and big box retailers in Canada.

Cattleboyz also sells in Mexico and is about to send product to Europe and China.