Karen S.Testimonial
absolutely love your sauces. I discovered them at Costco near Laval, Québec….I went back and bought 5 bottles and I have just run out and now I can’t find them…..I looked on your website but can’t find anywhere close by…..
I tried another sauce from another company the other night and my boyfriend was NOT happy LOL! You guys make a great product! (all of them)
Shelley P. Testimonial
Each flavour is a different and fun experience! A delight to your tastebuds;)
Amanda N.Testimonial
LOVE Cattleboyz BBQ Sauce! One of the BEST out there!
Wen N.Testimonial
I bbq at least 3 times a week all year round, and I am never without Cattleboyz BBQ Sauce. The absolute must have besides the original bb sauce ) is the Smokey Southwest Seasoning & Rub. Once you try it you will never bbq again without it. It has the most awesome taste to compliment any chicken beef or fish you throw on your bbq ! You HAVE to try this stuff ! It’s the BEST ! lol but every product from Cattleboyz is the Best…….. go get some now !!!!!!person]
Cheryl C.Testimonial
I recommend Cattleboyz BBQ Sauce Because they are the Best and their seasonings are the best to give flavor the best flavor ever!!!!!! Believe Me and you will see!!!!!!!!!(all of them)
Joann T. Testimonial
Cattleboyz seasonings are so tasty! They offer a wonderful variety that can be used with any type of meat or meal.
I Highly Recommend this company and their products. Check out their sauces as well!
Lynda T.Testimonial
This is the sauce of all sauces. I would normally make my own as im picky when it comes to sauce but you guys rock the sauce no doubt. i also love the rubs for making pulled pork
Liz P.Testimonial
Love Cattleboyz!! we bbq all year round here, I highly recommend their BBQ sauces
Amy H. M.Testimonial
IF YOU HAVE NOT TRIED THIS PRODUCT…THEN GET TO IT!!!!! quality made and delicious on everything, great local company so get out and get yourself some of these…I can say with 100% certainty that if you love flavor, YOU WILL LOVE THESE (all of them)
Casey S. Testimonial
I love the fact that Cattle Boyz BBQ sauce is made in Alberta along with the best Beef in the world!!
Kevin G.Testimonial
We Americans claim to be and have the best of a lot of things including BBQ…However your sauces makes the best BBQ anything! Cheers!!!person]
Michael F. Red Deer, ABTestimonial
I am very impressed with your original sauce I seen you at Costco and thought I’d try it had a amazing rack of baby backs thanks to you Costco is limited to very little of your products that i can see in Red Deer keep up the good work got the site and looking forward to the future CattleBoyZ products!!!!
Brian M. Spruce Grove, ABTestimonial
Hi there just tried one of your BBQ sauces at a company BBQ and have to say WOW that’s the best damn sauce ever. I stole a bottle from work and made a burger just now and it was great (it ok I told them I was taking it. LOL) now I would like to try some thing spice for chicken have any thing you could offer me? Well thanks for the great sauce.
Joel J. Richibucto, NB
Not a big bbq sauce user but started cooking a lot more with sauce after I started using yours. LOVE it
Kevin Y. Testimonial
This is a public service announcement to all people who love to BBQ. This sauce is a human magnet, I have not been able to BBQ without a crowd joining me since I started using Cattleboyz original sauce. This sauce is not in any of my local stores so I have had it ordered online for me and have been known to drive almost an hour from my house just to refill my stock. So if you decide to try this sauce be warned that your BBQ will be getting a good workout!!!!
Diana K.Testimonial
I bought a bottle of your original sauce awhile back ago with a coupon you had in our Sunday newspaper inserts. I am now hooked. I can’t always find all of the seasonings & sauce varieties you show here, but I am looking forward to trying them. We have a lot of bbq parties in the summer & we’ve actually gotten quite a few people hooked on your sauce! Thanks, Cattleboyz!
Dave V.Testimonial
Their BBQ sauce I bought at Costco was the best BBQ sauce I have spent money on. In our last few visits, we could not find it, Bummer. Costco in Ancaster Ontario.
Rebecca S. Testimonial
I love sweet chili sauces, nothing says yum like when I have CattleBoyz Sweet chili sauce as a glaze for a baked whole chicken. Yes, I said baked. I love this sauce because of its versatility…you can use it for marinating, glazing, yes even grilling! I love a sauce that has many uses so in the long run it save you money! oh, and with the tatse..yum..if you are looking for an authentic taste that forgoes the use of smoke flavoring and ketchup, but still give you that quality taste you are looking for…make sure to try the CattleBoyz Sweet Chili Sauce!!!!!
Andrea A. Testimonial
If you’ve never tried Cattleboyz before you are missing out!! One taste and you will never go back to the other brands!! Makes everything taste like Stampede time! We love it, and don’t buy anything else!!
Heather B.Testimonial
So Excited for BBQ Season to start! Can’t get enough of my Cattle Boyz
Andrea A.Testimonial
If you’ve never tried Cattleboyz before you are missing out!! One taste and you will never go back to the other brands!! Makes everything taste like Stampede time! We love it, and don’t buy anything else!!
Holly O.Testimonial
Love the seasonings, great way to add some pizzazz!
Laura P.Testimonial
First I want to say y’all make the BEST BBQ sauce. My household uses it from meat to potatoes to pasta. My spouse and I are getting married this summer and want to give sample size CattleBoyZ BBQ sauce out as our wedding favor. However I notice in the stores I cant get sample sizes. Do y’all sell sample sizes? I am looking for about 100. Please let me know. Thanks again and Y’ALL MAKE THE BEST.
Ryan C.Testimonial
We use CattleBoyZ everything , best no no-nonsence product on the market , and gluten free as well so I have no issues cooking with it for my son, thanks for the awesome product, CattleBoyZ forever in our household!
Lisa H.Testimonial
I have just had my first taste of your amazing sauce the other day, and I must tell you it’s the DOG GONE BEST BBQ sauce I’ve ever tasted! My parents bought the sauce one day in the local grocery store, and decided to invite myself and my family over for dinner. Well, you can imagine how happy I was with the first bite of the tender, tasty ribs!!! I don’t have a recipe to share, but rest assured, I’ll be buying your sauce from now on! And if I can’t find it here (the grocery store has changed hands), I’ll be writing to my brother in Calgary for a shipment! Thanks for the tantalizing tingle of my tastebuds!
Graeme B.Testimonial
“Please, I beg of you to find a retail outlet in Winnipeg to sell the CattleBoyZ BBQ sauce. I recently drove out to Calgary and I had to bring home 25 bottles for my friends and family. They can´t get enough of it.”
Nancy C.Testimonial
“We super enjoy this barbecue sauce and I can honestly say I´d hate to use any other now. I introduced it to my sister and family in Calgary and they are now using it and really like it too”
Stephen P.Testimonial
“My family and I picked up a bottle of your CattleBoyZ Gourmet BBQ Sauce at a local Costco store in Ajax, Ontario. I must tell you that it is the best sauce we have ever had. I have a terrible time keeping the kids away from it. They even want it on their cereal! We had purchased the 1 litre bottle and have finished it in about one month”
John S.Testimonial
“We are hooked on it! We started out using it on steak, hamburgers and hot dogs, now we use it with anything and everything including symptoms”
Jean L.Testimonial
“Just phoned to let you know we bought a 1 litre bottle of CattleBoyZ BBQ sauce at Costco and how much we love it.”
Will B.Testimonial
“Love your sauce. Everyone in the office has tried it and wants a bottle, where can I purchase it by the case?”
“I´m just another person who received a 1 litre bottle as a gift. When my sister handed it to me she said I could even put it on spaghetti!! Well, I wasn´t surprised about that because I make my own BBQ sauce AND I do put it on my own spaghetti!!! Well, it turns out that your sauce is truly wonderful, although considerably more expensive than my homemade stuff. So now I covet the bottle and don´t share unless the men in my family remember it, can find it, or insist on it.”