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CattleBoyz Review & Giveaway – CLOSED

With all the snow that has been falling on us here in Ontario lately, we’ve really been looking for something to bring us back to those joyous days of summer.

The green grass and blue sky, the warm sunshine and the smell of BBQ filling the air. What could be better? So we were beyond excited when we were recently contacted by the Canadian company, CattleBoyz.

CattleBoyz is a company based out of Alberta that produces delicious sauces and seasonings. They sent us out a Starter Kit and a couple of bottles of Wing & Hot sauce to test out and review. But that’s not all folks! CattleBoyz has also offered up an AMAZING prize package for 2 lucky winners! Each winner will receive a CattleBoyz Starter Kit and a $100 Gift Certificate to shop at their online store! CattleBoyz is also offering an exclusive coupon code for all of our SaveaLoonians!

Learn more about the awesome-sauce that is CattleBoyz here in our review. Normally, we review products based on the 4 D’s – Design, Does It Work?, Durability and Dollar Value. Since it’s somewhat irrelevant to review the durability of sauces (could you even?), for the purposes of this review I will sub in Versatility. Enjoy!

CattleBoyz offers a variety of sauces and seasonings to compliment any meal or any person’s taste preferences. All of their current sauces; Original BBQ, Sweet Chili and Wing & Hot Sauce, are all Gluten and Fat Free. The Wing & Hot [...]

Mandy Cakes and Company

Cattleboyz BBQ Sauce (Review)

This giveaway is not just for the man in your life, oh no. This giveaway is for you, too.

I know how women love BBQ just as much as any man and they can hold their own when it comes to seeing who can get the most sauce on their face..

Maybe that’s just me? No? Okay, glad to know I’m not alone! Dainty napkins can kiss dirt!

Alright, enough with that talk.

I had the chance to review some of Cattleboyz BBQ Sauce and first off, I am a firm believer in that the only good BBQ sauce is Sweet Baby Rays. I’m here to tell you, that is not true. Cattleboyz brand can’t even compare to that of Sweet Baby Rays.

We received the box and cracked them open and tasted them with our fingers. Bad idea. This BBQ sauce and fingers equals cannibalism folks. Don’t go there.


The first thing my husband says before we even open the jars, “I’m keeping the jars!”

Seriously. What is it with men and wanting to keep cool looking jars? I’m not complaining, I love these jars myself, but really..

Anyway, we had decided to make these BBQ chicken taco wrap things that we made a while back which we used Sweet Baby Rays for. We made those for dinner but left the sauce off as I really wanted to try the Sweet Chili Sauce and Mr. Husband wanted original.

I literally almost licked the cup of sauce clean. I can’t get enough of it.

Cattleboyz [...]

CoolCanucks Blog

CoolCanucks Blog Contest ~ Cattle Boyz BBQ Sauces and Cattle Boyz Gourmet Seasonings Review & Giveaway!!CLOSED
Posted on December 12th, 2011 by roxxyroller in Giveaways Canada

I am a food addict, I admit it. I love all sorts of sauces, dips, seasonings, etc. Having my food taste great is my number 1 priority, and that is why I was ecstatic when Cattle Boyz agreed to a review and giveaway with us here at CoolCanucks!!

Cattle Boyz is a proud Canadian company straight out of the rustic country-side of Alberta. The Ternes family had raised prime Alberta beef for over 70 years and developed their family BBQ sauce into a gourmet quality product. It wasn’t until the early 90’s that the Ternes family offered the product to the general public from their butcher shop in Calgary’s downtown Eau Claire Market. At this point it was produced and bottled out of Joe Ternes’ own kitchen, and the Cattle Boyz Gourmet BBQ Sauce was first introduced to the Canadian marketplace in 1998.

The Original flavoured BBQ Sauce comes in a great premium bottle with a swing sealing lid that you do not see very often anymore, once again a great label with all of the company information clearly printed on it. Just by the looks of the Cattle Boyz packaging, these sauces would make a great product for gift giving at Christmas, for birthdays, or even for those that are on your hard to buy for list!

I received 2 different varieties of their Gourmet BBQ [...]

Oshawa Ogre’s Views

Chicken & Ribs Flavoured with Cattle Boyz Smokey Southwest Seasoning Rub and Sweet Chili BBQ Sauce
By Wilfred Reinke aka @OshawaOgre, on February 28th, 2011

Back in December I did a review for this blog Review of Cattle Boyz Gourmet Seasoning and Original BBQ Sauce on Chicken.

But that review only zeroed in on two of the products that Cattle Boyz out of Calgary, Alberta Canada had sent me in the box of samples that they were nice enough to send me to try out.

In this test I will be using the Smokey Southwest Seasoning & Rub along with the Sweet Chili BBQ Sauce.

I was very impressed by the Original BBQ sauce and the Gourmet Seasoning from my first review I found it had a great bold taste and it did not take long for our family to finish of that bottle of sauce. One thing I should mention is that the terrific swing top glass bottles are very cool and I have heard that people sell the empty bottles on eBay and they sometimes sell for more than the full bottles sell for retail, Collectors seem to love these bottles.

I poured a bit of the seasoning and the rub on to a plate to show you how great the texture of these products are.

The Smokey Southwest Seasoning & Rub is course and packs a punch while the Sweet Chili BBQ Sauce has body and chunks of it’s ingredients visible in the sauce which by the way is not ketchup or tomato [...]

Oshawa Ogre’s Views, Gourmet & Original

Review of Cattle Boyz Gourmet Seasoning and Original BBQ Sauce on Chicken
By Wilfred Reinke aka @OshawaOgre, on December 13th, 2010

I have been reviewing a number of sauces and rubs the past few months and most of them come up from below the border in the US, and there is nothing wrong with that as I have found that the products are diverse and wide ranging.

The latest batch of Sauces and Rubs I received was from a Canadian Company based out of Calgary, Alberta.

The morning that the mailman brought the package we just had a slight dusting of snow, but it was all melted within an hour, but it lasted long enough to get this one nice shot on my back porch.

For this particular review I am going to talk about two of their products.

My first impressions….

The Gourmet Seasoning comes in a container with a great design with an attractive label that even has the web address on it for their recipes page along with their toll free phone number 1-888-662-9366.

I like that the mix has a good size to the flakes, when I used it as a rub it was almost like breading the chicken.

The Original flavoured BBQ Sauce comes in a great premium bottle with a swing sealing lid that you do not see very often anymore, once again a great label with all of the company information clearly printed on it. Just on looks alone the Cattle Boyz packaging would make a great product for gift [...]