If you suffer from gluten allergies, you know that you can never be too careful when food is involved. If you’re sick and tired of sitting and watching your friends eat flavour filled foods that your body won’t tolerate, fear not! We have some good news! CattleBoyZ is proud to announce that all of our barbecue sauces are Gluten Free!

Why did we decide to create a gluten free product line? Firstly, gluten free diets are no longer a rarity, most people will know at least one person who is gluten intolerant. Secondly, after browsing your local grocery store you’ll realize that there aren’t enough companies who offer gluten free food or sauces! In fact, in many of the stores we searched, we were unable to find a single gluten free BBQ sauce. This just didn’t seem fair.

We felt it was time someone stepped up to the plate and provided a top quality gluten free BBQ sauce that customers who were allergic to gluten would want to try. In fact, we wanted gluten free dieters to be so impressed that they would rave about it to their family and friends. Over the next couple of years, that’s exactly what CattleBoyZ did.

The most common question we get from gluten free dieters is, “Does your gluten free BBQ sauce compromise on taste?” Well, you can breathe out a sigh of relief! When we started investigating the idea of creating our own gluten free BBQ sauce we decided to taste two brands of gluten free ketchup, that we found in our local supermarket, and to be honest, we were horrified. We don’t know why anyone would voluntarily eat either ketchup. So naturally, we were determined to create a gluten free BBQ sauce that was actually appetizing! It took considerable effort on our part, but CattleBoyZ gluten free BBQ sauce tastes just as good as regular grilling sauce, only much, much better.

We are proud to say that we have won dozens of awards for our top quality sauces. Some of our fans have even given us the ultimate compliment by telling us that our gluten free BBQ sauce is the best barbecue sauce in the world. They have told us that CattleBoyZ gluten free BBQ sauce is extremely versatile and can be paired with any of your favourite foods.

Our loyal customers keep coming back for more. In fact, they are so impressed with our gluten free BBQ sauce that they are constantly converting their family and friends into raving CattleBoyZ fans. We’re confident that once you try some of our sauce, you’ll be hooked for life too. We admit that are sauces are hard to resist. CattleBoyZ makes gluten free dining fun again!

So what are you waiting for? The sooner you get your hands on some of our award winning gluten free BBQ sauce, the sooner you can fire up your grill and start cooking up a backyard party! Just keep an eye out on your family and friends so that they don’t finish off all of your secret sauce behind your back.