Barbecued Pork Sandwich Recipe
Serves 8
CattleBoyZ Barbecued Pork Sandwich Recipe Is Sure To Please Even The Most Discriminating Taste. It’s Made With Our Award Winning BBQ Seasonings, Rubs & Sauce! That’s Our Secret To The Best Barbecue Around.
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Prep Time
24 min
Cook Time
14 min
Total Time
38 min
Prep Time
24 min
Cook Time
14 min
Total Time
38 min
  1. 1 Pork Butt
  2. ½ cup CattleBoyZ Smokin n’ Grillin Barbecue Rub
  3. ½ cup Turbindo Sugar
  4. 1 cup CattleBoyZ Southern Q BBQ Sauce
  5. ¼ Cup CattleBoyZ Big Country Garlic BBQ Seasonings
  6. Salt & Pepper to taste
  7. Fresh buns to serve finished pork on
  1. One day (24 hours) before cooking, have a completely thawed Pork Butt in the fridge
  2. Sprinkle all sides with salt and pepper to your liking
  3. Then coat with CattleBoyZ Big country Garlic and half of the Smokin n’ Grillin Rub
  4. Place back into fridge
  5. 2 hours before cooking, pull the Pork Butt out of the fridge
  6. Inject ¼ cup of the Southern Q sauce with a marinade injector into various spots on the meat
  7. Once that is done, Sprinkle with the Turbindo Sugar, Remember to coat ALL sides of the meat
  8. Then coat with the rest of the Smokin n’ Grillin Rub
  9. Preheat your Barbeque/Smoker to 225 degrees
  10. If you are using a gas grill, you need to get chips to generate smoke. Preferably Hickory.
  11. Soak them for 30 mins and then place in an aluminum foil package
  12. Put some holes in the package to allow smoke to billow through
  13. Once preheated, place the Butt fat side down on to the Barbeque
  14. Cook time will vary from 10-14 hours, give or take two hours
  15. Once an internal temperature of 185 degrees is reached. It’s ready to be removed from the BBQ. Another good way to test for doneness is to twist a fork 180 degrees in the middle of the meat. It should twist relatively effortlessly
  16. Cover in tin foil and let rest for at least 30 mins
  17. Use two forks moving in opposite directions to “shred” the meat. Once it is all shredded, serve on to a bun and place some Southern Q sauce on top of the meat. Then enjoy!
  1. You may substitute our Chipotle Maple Bacon Sauce (or any other of our gluten free bbq sauces) for the Southern Q grilling sauce. It’s delicious no matter which way you go so long as you stick with CattleBoyZ gluten free barbecue sauces!
  2. Coleslaw tastes great on the side or on top of the meat as well.